2017 - Missy leading brain science SCARF techniques for DFW scrum. 

2017 - Missy leading brain science SCARF techniques for DFW scrum. 

Organizational change management involves first identifying the groups and people who and what will need to change as the result of your project. Missy customizes a plan for employees to be aware, devise a plan for leadership, coaching and training for what's needed in order for successful change.  

Organizational change management should complement your project management. Knowing the right steps for effective change management, means success for your solution and for your entire team. 

Missy is the right consultant:
Certifications:  PROSCI, ADKAR, CMMI, Stanford SAPM, Stanford SEF

Missy has a thriving professional and executive brand achieving business first top 40 under 40 young professionals amongst other accolades for pioneering cultural integration in her Mergers & Acquisitions engagements with leading Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government entities.
Her distinct capability in applying her Stanford Strategic Execution Framework, brain science, and Pfeiffer Organizational Leadership and Change Management education to technology, infrastructure, and software application and product development methodologies based on Carnegie Mellon’s CMMI models has made her an industry leader and agile evangelist sought after to present and train teams and organizations to achieve their desired future states.

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