Missy and I have known each other for a long time but it was not until a health scare that she really became someone that I was able to lean on. Not only that, but in the midst of a storm, she welcomed me to not only Dallas but her home. During my sit down with Missy, she walked me through and helped me realize my own self-worth and vision for the future. She is amazing at helping people to find their own path. She simply does not tell you “This is what you need to do”, but rather advises you in a way that helps you find it yourself which is more meaningful and lasting anyway. I would highly recommend going to see Missy if you have lost your vision or simply need a kick in the pants to realize your worth and value in this world.
— Kim, Personal Trainer, Atlanta, GA

Passionate leader, with great collaborative skills who takes time to actively engage and develop strong relationships. Quick to identify gaps and find solutions as well as implement solutions effectively.
— Jaya, IT Director, Dev Ops Women In Tech Champion

My 1st impression of Missy was that she’s energetic, friendly, bright and a GREAT dancer! Aaaaaand, now after getting to know Missy better, she’s so intelligent, engaging, ambitious, and quite a fashionista!
— Dr. Rebecca Harvey, Clinical Psychologist, Certified Yoga Instructor and Meditation Educator

Missy is amazing person, she is super passionate about her life and that’s what inspired all the people and friends around her. She’s educated, smart and super kind ! She is very strong women, love her dance classes, she motivates me to change ALL aspects of my life a lot 😘😘😘
— Anna

I first saw you dancing at the gym so my 1st impression was “Bootylicious Beyoncé.
— Stephanie Planz Saladino 

I thought you were a leader, inclusive, smart, warm, beautiful, and elegant. I wanted to be your friend immediately. :)
— Holly

Missy is confident and full of life!! An intelligent, strong minded young woman that never lets fear get in the way of pursuing her dreams. Oh and let’s not forget to mention what a fashionista she is that appreciates vintage timeless class with a smile that could brighten anyone’s day 😘 Missy inspires you to march to the beat of your own drum❣️
— Tiffany

There’s no way to describe Missy besides absolutely intelligent, inspiring, put-together, humble, (because she wouldn’t take her shirt off from around her waist dancing 🤣) and motivated. (With one of the best booty’s in the business!)☺️
— Jennifer

I spent years studying food and working out trying to figure out how to get beneath this plateau that I was at. To no avail, it just did not work. I would work out 5 days a week and I would enroll in triathlons and races just to get the weight off but still no results. I wasn’t fat but I had been 10 pounds away from my weight loss goal for years and it just wouldn’t come off. I called Melissa and started her program and within days I started to see great results. I was only trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds. I ended up losing 25 pounds. Finally getting over a massive plateau was so satisfying and being able to see the curves in my muscle better is such a blessing. I have a new goal now and I’m so excited about my future. I thank God for her and I thank God for her patience with me. She is truly Godsent! She has blessed my life Richly!
— Quianna Crute

You are a strong and secure woman, a woman that uplifts and supports other women, and a woman who looks challenge in the face and gives it hell. 💯
— @jessicawilliamsfit, entrepreneur and fitness icon