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Image by Arnel Hasanovic

“If it’s not in writing, it does not exist.”


Where’s your Vision Board?

With Missy, it’s more than words and pictures on a page... Missy facilitates the customization of a well thought-out, wildly inspiring, deeply personal declaration of your commitment to the life you will live!

How important is it that you actually bring your desired change to life? 

For over 12 years Missy has helped individuals bring their wildest dreams into fruition via her proven process of defining and designing a customized future state of being and lifestyle with her clients. Coupled with extracting and capturing the vision for those who are stuck, Missy’s proven processes for activating and maximizing your day to day have dozens of people manifesting their new realities!


“My first thought in my initial consultation with Missy when she asked me those 3 questions including where I thought I might be in xx years was “who the hell is this?!” lol. I was ultra intrigued; Missy is beautiful, all smiles, sharp as shit, was intrigued and excited to find out who you were and what you were all about...
She has a ton of pure pizazz!
Love it and her!”


“Missy is confident and full of life!! An intelligent, strong minded young woman that never lets fear get in the way of pursuing her dreams. Oh and let’s not forget to mention what a fashionista she is that appreciates vintage timeless class with a smile that could brighten anyone’s day .”

All of Missy’s clients have reported achieving 50-80% more of their toughest, longest lingering desires after a 4-12 week TransformMaven engagement.

Need to get un-stuck?

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