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Meet Missy

P.O.P Change Founder

Missy is a certified organizational change management evangelist with over 15 years of experience and built up passion in goal coaching, life coaching, and success coaching. With over 12 years of organizational leadership experience, Missy enthusiastically now helps individuals, teams, and organizations reach their desired future state in their desired timeframes. An athlete and competitor at heart, Missy applies her same zeal, discipline, and tenacity to helping you reach your personal, business, and even fitness goals that she applied as a year round 3-sport-student-athlete and as a bikini competitor.

First loves were both dance and baseball as the only girl in the little league (father wouldn’t let her play football;) and then After a growth spurt, Missy started Varsity Basketball in 6th grade and traded tap, ballet, and jazz dancing in for varsity field hockey and softball in Pennsylvania. After a family move to Georgia she went on to play basketball, volleyball and, run Track & Field where she excelled at the long and triple jumps into college until a near fatal car accident left her with a metal plate and seven pins permanently going through her forearm. After successfully rehabbing and being able to keep her left hand and wrist, contact sports were ruled out and Missy rekindled her love of dance. She created launched and instituted the inaugural dance team at her division 1 university.

Since then, Missy has competed in the National Physique Committee in the Bikini Division across the southeast while building a successful career in corporate America.

Missy has a thriving professional and executive brand achieving business first top 40 under 40 young professionals amongst other accolades for pioneering cultural integration in her Mergers & Acquisitions engagements with leading Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government entities. Her distinct capability in applying her Stanford Strategic Execution Framework, brain science, and Pfeiffer Organizational Leadership and Change Management education to technology, infrastructure, and software application and product development methodologies based on Carnegie Mellon’s CMMI models has made her an industry leader and agile evangelist sought after to present and train teams and organizations to achieve their desired future states.


  • Personal Change Management: Certified Life Planner & Performance Coach

  • Organizational Change Management:  PROSCI, ADKAR, CMMI, Stanford SAPM, Stanford SEF

  • Physical Change Management: NASM, AFAA, GroupEx


About Me: About Me
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